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NBCE Exam Day: what to do...

Be excited about it, for this day will be the day that you will get to pass National Board Exams and later practice as a Chiropractor to literally change people’s lives!

1. Be confident.

Be confident about it. It has been shown through extensive research, that self-talk for students who suffer from test anxiety, should be well monitored, in order to make sure that it contributes to self confidence as opposed to sinking the student. Frequently the self-talk of test-anxious students is negative or self-defeating, thinking that everyone else is smarter and faster, that they always mess up, and that if they don’t do well, they’ll fail the entire course. It is important to decreasing anxiety that awareness is made of self talk.

2. Use the PMA method.

PMA stands for Positive Mental Attitude. Repeat positive statements to help reprogram the mind to believing in success. One mantra we always give to students is: “I already did this. Let’s do better.”

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