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Top Secret: NBCE doesn't want you to know...

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

Truth is... NBCE have been making lots of changes in the way they grade their exams. In fact, they recently re-counted exam scores in an effort to increase their pass/fail rates. Go figure! During this blog post we will be revealing a TOP SECRET and the #1 reason why most students are getting lower scores on National Board Exams.

The NBCE is in charge of developing, administering and scoring standardized exams to assess chiropractic student's knowledge, level of cognitive ability and problem-solving in various subjects covered in Chiropractic Colleges. Therefore, they have the ability to create questions, but also the ability to create the grading rubric! Therefore, they posses the ability to manipulate pass or fail rates over a period of time.

We analyzed and dissected thousands of questions from Board Exams and the #1 reason why students get wrong answers is because they fall on "Fact Traps" created by NBCE.

TOP SECRET: Avoid "Fact Traps"

A "fact trap" is a term given to a statement that is true, but misguides you into a wrong conversation. NBCE often insert fact traps into their multiple choice answers to get students who are looking for correct statements, instead of correct answers. They usually place them in multiple choice A, and secondly and seldom, in multiple choice C.

This is one way how they manipulate the difficulty of questions and outcome of scores from test takers. If you want to know the other 13 Top Secrets NBCE doesn't want you to know click here to buy the book: CBR, The Ultimate Board Review For The NBCE Part 1.

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