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Post National Boards Exam: What to do...

Post Examination

Most people are exhausted after taking board examinations. Some reasons for this exhaustion may be the amount of hours, mental focus, and the anxiety that exams causes to people.

1. Avoid Planning Events After.

Be aware that you may be tired, so avoid planning anything that you should not do when exhausted, such as driving across country or even studying for final examinations. Instead, plan a day or two to recuperate before you tackle any heavier physical or mental tasks.

2. Detoxify.

Consider a debriefing or “detoxification” meeting with your positive study partners after the examination. Talking about the examination afterwards may help reduce stress. However, remember that the feelings you have after an exam may not always match examination results (e.g., someone who feels they did poorly may have done well or someone who feels they did well may not have). Debrief, and detach from the outcome.

3. Do Something Nice.

Consider planning on doing something nice for yourself. After all, you will have just completed a major examination. It is important to celebrate this milestone in your life.

Understand that soon you will be celebrating for state boards results!

We wish you the very best with taking National Boards and hope that this review provides you with an excellent training tool for your preparations.

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