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Day Before Exam Day

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

1. Read all instructions online.

Don’t be confused on test day because you did not spend the time to become familiar with the test format, rules, and schedule.

2. Rest and Relax.

Studying the night prior to an exam makes the level of worry in the body to increase. Tragically, anxiety levels doesn't diminish when you rest. An ideal way of spending the day before the exam is by going grocery shopping in the morning, having a nice lunch with a nice walk, getting a massage, going to the movies and enjoying a nice dinner with the people you enjoy the most. All in all, stay relaxed!

3. The Brief Review.

The most study we recommend is a brief review over the stuff you already know, no more than 1 hour, preferably before going to bed.

4. Sleep.

Be certain to get a good amount of sleep, especially the night before the test, because when you’re overtired you are not able to perform to the best of your best ability.

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